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How Might Zoning Issues Affect My Renovation Project?

 Posted on June 21, 2024 in Zoning and Land Use

IL real estate lawyerBusinesses and companies generally require space to operate out of. Similar to residential real estate, a business might find an architect and commission a new building or purchase a property that someone already used. Often, considerations including a commercial property’s specific location, already-present utilities and functionalities, and ways it could be adapted are more important to a business owner than whether the building will be brand new. After all, it is possible to renovate and make changes that are better suited to your business’s needs, right? Before making any decisions, it is crucial to speak with a qualified DuPage County, IL real estate attorney to understand how zoning issues might affect your plans for a renovation.

Illinois Commercial Real Estate Zoning Issues

Zoning regulations dictate what different types of properties can be used for. The purpose of these regulations is to try to ensure that an area is developed in an orderly manner to the benefit of the people living and working in that area. There are several different types of zones, but the most common include:

  • Residential zones, where people live.
  • Commercial zones, where offices, restaurants, shops, and other businesses can operate.
  • Industrial zones where warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures can be built.

Often, zoning can determine what structures can be used for. For example, in a residential zone, there are often noise-related regulations limiting the hours when loud noise can be made. In a particularly picturesque commercial zone, there might be height regulations determining the maximum height a building can be to ensure that the general public is allowed to enjoy the view. There are also cases of mixed-use zoning when residential, commercial, and industrial purposes might all be served in the same area.

It is certainly legal and acceptable to buy a building and adapt it for your business’s purposes, but it is important to understand what exactly your property is zoned for. Depending on various factors, your renovation might be found in violation of local health and safety standards or might not comply with energy efficiency restrictions. Sometimes a property is zoned for commercial use, but not necessarily for the type of business you operate, and if you move in, you might face penalties and legal issues that might have been avoided had you paid proper attention to the specifics of the zoning before you began your renovation.

Contact a DuPage County, IL Commercial Real Estate Renovation Attorney

If your business is ready to purchase a property, first speak with an experienced Naperville, IL commercial real estate lawyer. At Lindell & Tessitore, P.C., we have helped many clients navigate the process while ensuring that they are in compliance with all zoning regulations. Call us at 630-778-3818 so we can review your plans and guide you forward.

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