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Analysis of Land Use Concerns Throughout Illinois Provides Valuable Insight for Developers

Posted on in Zoning and Land Use

DuPage County land use and development lawyersWhile land developers often have the best interests of their community in mind, they may not always immediately understand the concerns of city, county, and state officials. This can be problematic for those hoping to embark on a land development project since these agencies are often in charge of determining whether or not a project can or should proceed. Thankfully, a recent analysis on the major concerns of both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan officials helps provide some valuable insight.

Reframe Your Thinking

Before fully delving into the concerns of local officials, it is important to understand the real reasons behind them. It is not that the regulatory boards and agencies simply want to make things difficult, and it is certainly not that they want to universally restrict growth of their cities and towns. In fact, growth can and should be a positive thing. Yet, as the human population grows, more emphasis is being placed on the health and safety of people. Further, the depletion of resources, natural habitats, diminishing animal population, and growing concern over other environmental issues has become a worldwide concern – one that everyone needs to address. Officials attempt to do this through regulation.

Major Concerns of Regulating Officials

The study, which analyzed the response of more than 60 responding counties (101 were queried), asked officials to give their response on several aspects of land use and development. Specifically, they wanted to determine which issues were of the greatest concern to both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas (determined using national census data from 1990).

All groups expressed a great deal of concern over rural single-family residential and rural subdivision development. Farmland preservation, and development in flood plans were also high on the list of concerns for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan counties. Land use for public recreation and private property rights were nearly equally concerning among both county types, but were not the top-rated concerns.

The study also found some major differences between the concerns of metropolitan and nonmetropolitan officials. For example, stormwater management was highly prioritized by metro counties, but slightly less of a concern for nonmetro areas. Furthermore, annexation by municipalities and open space preservation were not of great concern for nonmetropolitan areas, but these were some of the major concerns of metropolitan officials. Yet animal feeding operations were only a slight concern for metro areas, but of great concern to nonmetropolitan communities.

Why This Information is Important

Developing land, either in a rural or metropolitan area, means addressing the specific concerns of each community. The study gives a great deal of insight on what these issues are, and how influential they are in the various areas. As such, it can help you develop a land use plan that is more likely to fit the specific needs and concerns for the area you are hoping to develop in.

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